Friday, 22 February 2008

this character may be improved

I found this character auditor for my warlock Megeara. Pretty isn't she, for a walking corpse? Sadly she is not very imba at the moment. The site recommends that I stick to Karazhan and 5-man heroics. Hurrah! I'm ready for Kara.

However there's a problem.

I find instances tricky because I don't generally get more than about an hour undisturbed by the drudgery of work and family life. By the time we've got a group together I'm off cooking dinner or whatnot. Plus my guild is down to about 35 people after a change of leadership, which makes getting groups together a bit tricky at the moment.

Tobold has an interesting piece on why PVP rulez, which I basically agree with. The thust of his argument is that its easier for casuals like me to get their epic gear through Battlegrounds and Arena's than from raiding, purely because of the time constraints. So, despite the fact that I'm the world's worst PVP'er, it's off to the Battlemaster for me.

Welfare epixx FTW!