Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Playing Eve Online with my eyes

I am completely confined to a wheelchair now, which makes it Impossible forward me to use a mouse. So it is on to playing via my eye gaze system, the Tobii PcEye. I assumed that Eve would be simple, as it is pretty much all point and click, and mostly strategy rather than twitch. However used with the Tobii software there is a quirk.

The latest version comes with Gaze Select, which avoids the Midas Touch of dwell clicking, where you click on lots of unwanted things just because your eyes rested in one place too long. It does this by having a little on screen menu bar from which you select the type of click, left click, double click, move cursor etc. Generally this two stage process works well, and doesn't slow things down too much.

However with Eve, there is a problem. For some reason, and it only happens with Eve so far, the left click doesn't update the cursor position.This means that the click actually takes place at the previous cursor position, which is a little disconcerting. I can get round this by moving the cursor first then left clicking, and even then, menus are a little hit or miss. The best way I've found is to place the cursor first, then click with my foot pedal.

What this means in game terms, is that I can do about everything, but it is a little slow. This doesn't matter for most aspects of the game. I can still mine, manufacture, chat or even do missions. What I can't do is pvp. Not with any success, anyway. And since I can't talk voice comms are off too, though I can listen. So in a word, I am a carebear. No change there then. Carry on.