Sunday, 6 May 2012

A carebear in Eve Online

Like Gevlon, I'm back playing Eve online. I've played it before, and he's a 3 month noob, but he already has more ISK than me. Ho hum. Anyway, in case you don't know (in which case you probably don't play Eve), a carebear is someone who doesn't like Player vs Player combat much, which is unfortunate in Eve because that's basically what the game is designed around.

I am probably the ultimate Eve carebear, since I've been playing the game for six years, on and off, and in all that time I haven't killed a single other player, and been into lawless 0.0 space exactly once. It struck me that although the majority of players (80% or so) are like me, and rarely venture out of safe space, the majority of Eve bloggers are a motley collection of pirates, griefers, can flippers and scammers. Macho warriors all, I'm sure. My hope, therefore is that I may repurpose the word 'carebear', in much the same way as our gay brethren and sistren have taken the word 'queer' to their collective chests.

So, say it loud, say it proud - I am a carebear!