Monday, 22 October 2012

Accessible Game Review - World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the big daddy of MMO's. In fact this was originally a WoW blog. I haven't played it for a couple of years though, so I was interested to see how accessible it was (and whether Blizzard had in fact jumped the shark with the Kung Fu pandas).

In the event I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. WoW doesn't need much setting up to play. Simply bind the middle mouse button to Move and Steer and you're away. The pandas aren't too bad either and the new continent is very lush.

WoW only loses a point because it still needs a bit of jumping, which I can't really do with the onscreen keyboard, and because you don't automatically face your opponents. Generally recommended, though.

Mouse Bindings

left button - Same as default profile
right button - Same as default profile
middle button - No change (do not intercept)

In-Game Key Bindings

move and steer - middle button

To make sense of the ratings look here.

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