Saturday, 26 September 2009

Performance problems

It's a funny thing, performance. Last time we were there, the first two bosses in Trial of the Crusaders went down (fairly) easily. We were trashed by Varian Wrynn's hand-picked heroes, it's true, but the Beasts of Northrend and Lord Jaraxxus died helpfully beneath my flaming blasts of chaos. Pew pew! And we got Emblems of Triumph.

Tonight was different. We wiped repeatedly on the Jormungar, until with practice, we managed to wipe repeatedly on the previous boss, Gormok the Impala instead. We just sucked. Mind you, we had a different raid composition and were down one warlock (only two warlocks in a 10-man group, tut, tut). We couldn't do a thing right. The tanks died repeatedly. The healers died in pairs. One time I had the poison debuff on me, and ran to what I thought was someone with the fire buff on, which turned out to be someone in exceptionally glowy armour. So we both died. It was carnage. Our skeletons were piled high, and I'm sure that Varian Wrynn was laughing behind his hand at us. No Emblems, no phat lewt, no Triumph.

And I loved every minute of it.

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