Sunday, 7 March 2010

Meta-Cognitive Naming

I can just imagine Tam's thought processes, although of course I haven't actually asked him about it.

What would be a good guild name, one that that hasn't already been taken? After all, Argent Dawn is an old, full server. What I really need is a single abstract noun to describe the guild and its purpose.

'Vengeance' - taken
'Violence' -likewise
'Perfidy' - gives the wrong impression (and is it even a word?)
'l337ness' - no, no, no, just no

I know! I'll move up a meta-cognitive level. I shall have a phrase to describe the word that describes the guild and its purpose. In fact one that describes ALL guilds with a single abstract noun for their names. One guild to rule them all! And ideally in the darkness bind them.

Thus was born Single Abstract Noun, the Argent Dawn guild for bloggers, their readers, alts and assorted hangers on. Tam's the GL, in another fruit-based incarnation. Tobold's there, Larisa's there. Miss Medicina isn't because she's a silly American, so she's started a chapter across the pond. Pretty much everyone I've ever heard of in the WoW blogosphere has an alt there, and now so do I.

In keeping with the meta-cognitive naming theme of the guild, and due to the fact that Megeara (the fury of jealousy) was taken, I've created a character meaning 'the kindly one'.

So, welcome to Eumenide, my new baby mage. Long may she pew pew.

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Tam said...

Long live meta!

And it was great to see you - long, indeed, may you pewpew!