Saturday, 6 March 2010

Oh the Irony

As I mentioned previously, my characters don't have much luck with epic wands. You can't make them and they don't seem to have a great drop rate, at least not for me. Wherein lies a story.

So there I was, running 5-man PoS (which always makes me think of PoS) with my priest, Nidhoggur, who recently dinged 80. Nidhoggur was in shadow spec, trying hard to break the 3k barrier. Bosses and trash were dying beneath our furious deeps whilst the Dark Lady hung around making enthusiastic comments, and not helping at all. Things were going well (mind you, we weren't even on heroic, so it wasn't hard) when I disconnected fighting some trash.

My connection is usually pretty solid, but this evening it decided to play silly buggers, and it took me a few minutes to reconnect. Upon reconnecting, I was greeted by the roll-for-an-item popup, for the coffin nail, a wand which would have suited me perfectly both from a deeps perspective, and from an RP one (Nidhoggur means 'corpse-eater').

Ooh, ooh, finally, a decent wand, I thought as I checked the stats, and reached for the 'need' button. But fractionally before I clicked, the timeout on the window kicked in (I'd been disconnected, remember). The wand was automatically rolled for, and handed over to another party member, who in turn automatically D/E'd it. My lovely wand was turned into a bit of enchanting stuff for someone who didn't even want it.

And the ironic bit? I was the only enchanter in the party.


Tam said...

WAH! The pain.

Irony is cruel. You should pray to Lady RNG and hope for better fortune.

Sacerdote said...

Actually, shortly after that I got the Wand of Ahn'kahet from a random heroic, so Lady RNG was in fact listening. It's not as good as the other one, though. *grumble grumble*