Sunday, 16 January 2011

I luv Deathwing too

My basic problem with WoW is that I don't like repeating stuff.

I like repeatedly shooting cartoon figures in the face until they fall over in a suitably amusing manner. I quite like repeatedly making the same bit of clothing/food/pretty gems or whatever, because that levels me up in a small way. Elite Super Grandmaster of Flowers! Yakawow!

I even slightly like wandering around picking up the same flowers or bits of rock. It appeals to the hoarder in me. And I like the scenary.

What I don't like is repeatedly going down the same dungeon with a random group of mostly indifferent and occasionally rude strangers to kill a boss that I've killed many times before. Unfortunately, this is known as 'knowing tacs' or 'having the achi', and reached its nadir with WotLK. It's about making sure you've done it plenty of times before, so that you can do it over again. Efficiency prioritised over fun. WoW as a second job.

Happily, though, Deathwing turned up to change all that. I imagine that the normal mode dungeons will devolve into the usual rinse'n'repeat fest for the lootwhores, once the first flush of excitement has worn off. However, the Heroic modes, being really heroic, will hopefully be more like mini-raids, with all the excitement of having to actually worry about dying and crowd control, and getting the giddy thrill of progression. Maybe actually talking to people. That sounds like fun.

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