Friday, 14 January 2011

I luv Garrosh

I've decided that I love Garrosh Hellscream and I want to have his babies. He's just so masterful, but he obviously has his sensitive side. I encountered him first in an air raid at the beginning of Mount Hyjal, where he was barking orders like a good 'un. but even then I could see that beneath his shouty orc exterior there beat a soft nature-loving heart. Megeara's too much of a bony biatch to notice though. He fell into the sea but was okay. He's so butch.

But then! When his renegade general had just bombed a load of innocent nelf babies and laughed about it, Garrosh turns up and drops him off a cliff for disgracing the horde. "Honor" he said, (misspelling it of course, but thats just orcs for you). And some other stuff, but KodoDancer was too busy admiring his pecs to listen.

He was thinking of dropping Kodo off the cliff too, but he was soon convinced that she was innocent and was in fact a hero of the horde. He's so reasonable. And dreamy. Here's a picture of us holding hands.

Kodo and Garrosh sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

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Tam said...

Garrosh is totally a micro-manager. You can't take two steps in Azeroth these days without him trying to tell you where to go. He needs to loosen up, I tell you.