Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Accessible Game Review - Skyrim


Skyrim looks like a good game, and gets great reviews, but if you can't use a keyboard, forget it. The developers desire to have a nice immersive experience with no window clutter means that it is relentlessly keyboard focused. That wouldn't be so bad, except that even in windowed mode it captures the mouse within the game window. This means of course, that you can't use the onscreen keyboard at all. It won't even accept ALT-TAB commands from X Mouse Button Control, not that that would help, anyway.

You can bind the forward movement to the footswitch to move around, but that doesn't help you to open boxes, look at your inventory, or perform a hundred other keyboard based functions.

I do wish that developers would implement standard windows behavior.The standards are there for a reason y'know.

In a word, avoid.

In-Game Key Bindings

move forward - MB3

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