Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Accessible Game Review - Ultima Online


This venerable MMO suffers from one major flaw. It loses focus when you click outside the game window. This makes it impossible to use the onscreen keyboard. You can't even log in. There is a workaround using Dasher, but it's clunky. You need to position Dasher to the right of the game window and click to make it active, then click the input box in the game before moving the mouse back over Dasher without clicking. Dasher can then put the text in.

Since a lot of common commands ingame require text input this makes it hard. The game does have a sophisticated macro system which ameliorates this somewhat, but it requires setting up. Even then, communications are difficult, and inputting numbers in particular can be a problem.

Mouse Bindings

left button - Same as default profile
right button - Same as default profile
middle button - double click

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